Superdiode How To Install

Through this post, we will run you through the average installation process converting your vehicle to an LED upgrade keeping in mind some vehicles may require a few additional steps regarding special adaptors and CANbus modules.



- H7 Special Adaptors

- CANBUS Modules

- Superdiode Manual Vision S

- Superdiode Manual Vision R




Now that you have selected the compatible LED Headlights for your vehicle the next step is to set them up. In most cases, this is quite simple with most vehicles requiring minimum effort. Some European models or certain hatchback vehicles may need the headlight housing removed to make the install process possible. If your vehicle does require the headlight to be removed for installation it generally means removing 2-3 screws and you're good to go. 

STEP 1: First up, removal of your existing halogen bulbs. Getting to the back of your headlight housing should be quite simple but if that's not the case you may need to remove your headlight unit.

The back of your headlight will have either a plastic or rubber dust cover which should be a twist lock to loosen and remove. Unplug the power cable connected to the globe to remove obstacles. Simply twist the globe (most likely counter-clockwise) and pull towards the engine bay. Some headlights may have a metal clip that will need to be pushed in and away from the locking tab. 


STEP 2: Start by disconnecting the CANBUS/driver and installing the LED Globe into the headlight housing. Twist to secure/clip any brackets that you unhooked to remove the old headlights. Most headlight housings will have a pre-drilled slot in the dust cap for wiring to run from the globe to the power supply. Modern vehicles you may find the wiring will run internally in the headlight.

If the dust cap has a slot for the wiring, feed the wire from your LED Headlight globe through the dust cap and reinstall the cap to the back of the housing, skip ahead to STEP 3. If the dust cap does not supply a slot for the wiring to pass through, continue through to option 2A below. 

STEP 2A: This means your wiring is run inside the headlight housing so you might have to be a bit more patient when fitting all of the components inside the housing. At this stage, you will need to work out if the driver and CANbus (if you require the additional Canbus module) will fit inside the headlight unit. If there doesn't seem to be sufficient space to fit all of the components back inside the housing it means you will need to run the driver/CANbus on the outside of the housing. Drill 2 holes to run the cable through 1 hole to the outside and 1 hole to return the wiring back through to the power source. Rubber grommets are handy in this case to hold a watertight seal around the wiring and stop any water from seeping into the headlight housing.


Step 3: Plug all required components back together. It's easiest to start with connecting the driver into the globe and mounting the driver on a flat surface under the globe socket. If you followed Step 2A find a flat surface within reach to mount the driver onto. Double-sided tape/cable ties can be used to secure the unit from moving freely. 

If you have an additional CANBUS Unit make sure you will have a place to mount this as well. Internally there is usually enough room opposite where you will have mounted the driver. Externally mounting next to the driver unit making sure you have enough wiring to connect to the globe.


Step 4: Tuck all wiring on the inside and replace the factory dust cap. This step can sometimes require some patience depending on how the driver/CANbus units were positioned during install. A little re-positioning isn't uncommon to get the correct fitment. 

Once both LED Globes have been installed turn the car's ignition to power electrics and test your headlights to see if both fire up as usual. If one or both of your globes are not firing up correctly, double-check all connections are properly installed and test again. For further help contact Superdiode through phone.

STEP 5: Positioning your low beam globe manually requires parking your vehicle 3m from a wall and adjusting the angle so that the beam runs horizontal to the headlight and doesn't exceed the height of the bonnet of the vehicle. This can generally be done via a tilt adjustment screw near the top or at the rear of the headlight housing.



Some of our LED  range are fitted with removable collars to make it easier when installing. The H1, H4 & H7 globes all have collars that can be removed and placed into the headlight housing. Once the collar is clipped in simply place the globe back into the collar and twist to lock into position.